Turkey – Experience the cultural crossroads of East and West

Explore the wonders of Turkey, a country that stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia with an abundance of cultural sites spanning its 3,000-year history to uncover. Turkey has something to offer everyone, from the bustling bazaars and Ottoman grandeur of Istanbul, to the thriving resorts and peaceful coves of its Mediterranean coastline. Its largest city, Istanbul, demonstrates the harmonious mixing of the old and the new that epitomises Turkey. Here at the heart of this modern capital, you can take in world heritage sites such as the Hagia Sofia, experience Ottoman decadence at Topkapi Palace, or search for the perfect souvenir in the famous Grand Bazaar. For those wishing to escape the bustle of the cities, Turkey's coast is famed for its resorts, which are full to bursting with lively nightlife and excellent cuisine. Alternatively, the western and southern coastlines offer a wealth of easily accessible white beaches and azure waters just waiting to be discovered.

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