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With a rich cultural heritage and industrial legacy, the vibrant port city of Glasgow is unlike anywhere else on the planet. In Scotland’s largest city, handsome Victorian buildings in red sandstone stand shoulder to shoulder with ultra-modern constructions from the likes of Zaha Hadid, and stately museums mix with hipster bars. This is Scotland’s shopping capital, live music hub and hands-down best city for a proper night out. But it is in the quieter moments that Glasgow really shines. When a Weegie (Glasgwegian) brightens your day with an unexpected chat – not for nothing is Glasgow known as the UK’s friendliest city – or you spot a heilan coo (Highland cow) in Pollok Park. This is a city that knows how to eat, too, and you’ll find boat-fresh seafood served up everywhere from high-end restaurants to local cafes, as well as a vast array of whiskies behind the bar of every pub. However you spend your time in Glasgow, it promises to be a good one. Sláinte – cheers – to that.

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