JW Marriott Absheron Baku is an oasis of tranquility - here's how to spend a truly uplifting week in the capital of Azerbaijan (Photo: Marriott International)

Standing out amidst the futuristic skyline of Azerbaijan’s capital city, the JW Marriott Absheron Baku is an oasis of tranquility and the ultimate urban getaway. With 237 guest rooms offering views across the Caspian Sea, four restaurants leading guests on an authentic culinary experience, and a soothing spa, it’s the perfect place from which to embark on a peaceful and relaxing journey to personal wellbeing in this dynamic city.

Day 1: Uplift your spirit with a breathtaking view 

JW Marriott Baku hotel room with view of city

Greet the day with incredible views of Baku's famous Flame Towers and the sparkling blue Caspian Sea in the Bay of Baku (Photo: Marriott International)

Wake up to the stunning view over Azerbaijan’s capital and prepare to greet the day surrounded by calm. JW Marriott Absheron Baku’s guest rooms and suites enjoy sweeping views across the Bay of Baku, taking in the deep blue of the Caspian Sea and the city's uniquely memorable skyline.

Start your day with an energizing breakfast at the hotel and embark on a leisurely stroll down to Baku's beautiful boulevard. Let the vibrant atmosphere surround you as you immerse yourself in the charm of the city. Then amble across to the Old Town’s evocative Maiden Tower and climb to the viewing platform to enjoy a new perspective, feeling your spirit ascend even higher as you discover a city that arouses your senses and leaves you in awe.

Day 2: Uplift your spirit with fire 

Ateshgah Fire Temple

Explore Azerbaijan's fascinating history with a visit to the ancient site of the Ateshgah Fire Temple, a deeply sacred place for those in the Zoroastrian faith (Photo: Marriott International)

Delve into history and discover Azerbaijan’s ancient origins as a land of fire worshippers with a visit to the nearby Absheron Peninsula. Here you’ll find the Ateshgah Fire Temple, which houses an eternal flame. Learn more at the temple’s beautiful museum, which explores the importance of fire as an agent of spiritual purity in the Zoroastrian faith.

After taking time to contemplate the calming eternal flame at the temple, continue your explorations with a short journey to Yanar Dag, the Burning Mountain, where you can enjoy the healing fire energy emanating from the impressive flames that blaze day and night. As you relax and listen to the flames crackle, you will truly begin to understand why Azerbaijan is known as the Land of Fire.

Day 3: Uplift your spirit with nature 

Two women taking part in yoga in the JW Marriott Garden.

Clear your mind and find inner peace amid the beautiful and fragrant greenery of the JW Garden, where you can practise yoga and listen to the soothing sound of the garden's water fountains (Photo: Marriott International)

Nourish your mind, body and soul by spending peaceful moments in the JW Garden, surrounded by the beauty and fragrance of lavender and jasmine. Enjoy a delicious picnic of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine under the shade of olive and pomegranate trees as the serene sound of water fountains serenades with a calming trickle. 

With the gentle rustle of Baku’s warming breeze in the garden’s trees, it’s the perfect place to clear your mind and feel your spirit relax amid the beautiful greenery. Alternatively, take a trip out of the city to the settlement of Xinaliq, Europe’s highest village, and enjoy the clean fresh air as you contemplate the majesty of the mighty Caucasus Mountains. Watch eagles soaring through the valley and feel your spirit lift with their graceful flight.

Day 4: Uplift your spirit with serenity 

Woman having a head massage in the Absheron spa.

Experience the tranquility of Absheron Spa, where you can be treated to a rejuvenating massage and enjoy revitalising Azeri rituals in the spa's hammam (Photo: Marriott International)

Leave behind the bustle of the city streets and surrender to the serenity of Absheron Spa, where nature and tranquillity unite with the essence of the JW Garden. Relax under the soothing hands of skilled therapists who pamper you with rejuvenating massages and invigorating sauna sessions. In particular, make sure to spend some time in the spa’s hammam, where the expert team will treat you to the revitalizing rituals that form such an important part of Azerbaijan’s traditions.

Bring your spa visit to a marvellously relaxing close with a refreshing dip in JW Marriott Absheron Baku’s pool or a long soak in the Jacuzzi, from which you can enjoy panoramic views across the city. For an uniquely Azerbaijani spa experience, try the Mud Volcano treatment, inspired by the unique landscape of Qobustan National Park.

Day 5: Uplift your spirit in ancient surroundings 

View of the Old Town in the heart of Baku

Transport yourself to Baku's medieval era with a visit to its breathtaking Old Town, where the city's rich and fascinating history is brought to life through the ancient walls and buildings of golden sandstone (Photo: Marriott International)

Immerse yourself in the rich history and captivating architecture of the Old Town, the gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site at the heart of Baku. This medieval core is enclosed by ancient walls, transporting you to a bygone era and your spirit to a place of pure astonishment. Many of the buildings here were constructed with a stunning golden sandstone, which in the soft sunlight of Baku takes on a magical hue that will lift your heart with its beauty.

Wander the alleys, through the ancient caravanserais, and around the Old Town’s attractive walls, and make sure not to miss the district’s twin jewels: the Maiden Tower, an ancient building replete with mysterious legends, and the opulent Palace of the Shirvanshahs, where the medieval rulers of Baku lived in luxury.

Day 6: Uplift your spirit with tradition 

The Tea Lounge in JW Marriott Absheron Baku.

Enjoy the wonderfully relaxing tradition of Azerbaijani tea ceremonies in the beautiful tea lounge at JW Marriott Absheron Baku, where you can slowly sip fresh tea and relax in good company (Photo: Marriott International)

Experience Azerbaijan’s rich tea culture, a custom steeped in beautiful, ancient traditions. Apart from the pure pleasure of sipping a freshly brewed black tea, Azerbaijani tea ceremonies are insights into a culture of warm hospitality, conversation and a slower pace of life that allows you to relax and appreciate your surroundings.

The Tea Lounge in JW Marriott Absheron Baku is the perfect place to immerse yourself in this delightful tradition and experience a truly Azerbaijani welcome. Make sure to experience Azerbaijan’s excellent culinary traditions too: alongside perfectly prepared international dishes, you’ll find local specialities and kebabs on the menu of the Fireworks Urban Kitchen. Sharing a meal with friends or family is an important part of Azerbaijan’s culture – with food this delicious, it’s easy to see why.

Day 7: Uplift your spirit with artistry 

The Azerbaijan Museum of Modern Art

Just one of many examples of Baku's stunning architecture, the Heydar Aliyev Center is a must-see with its flowing lines and design which breaks from more traditional styles (Photo: Marriott International)

Explore the many museums and cultural centres of Baku, a city blessed with countless examples of architectural innovation and artistic works. The essential first stop is the remarkable post-modernist Heydar Aliyev Center, a stunning architectural masterpiece with a design that eschews straight lines for the beauty of calming, white flowing curves.

Close to JW Marriott Absheron Baku is the Azerbaijan Museum of Modern Art, a repository of outstanding works by Azerbaijani artists such as Tahir Salahov alongside pieces by world-renowned names including Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Conclude your tour with a stop at one of Baku’s most iconic buildings: the Carpet Museum, on the Caspian seafront, was innovatively built to resemble a rolled-up carpet. Inside, it holds many beautiful examples of this traditional Azerbaijani craft. With such art and culture on display, your spirit will surely soar as you experience the innovation and sheer range of human creation.

Published: July 10, 2023

Article Tags:  Azerbaijan , Baku

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