Estonia – A Land of Culture and Wilderness

Visit Estonia's capital, Tallinn, and be struck by its many cultural landmarks, which include an old town that's one of the best-preserved medieval cities in northern Europe. For an enchanting vista on the whole city, check out the panorama from the 120-metre tall SkyWheel Ferris wheel. If you prefer a little wilderness, there's easy access to nature reserves across the country. Extensive forests, with a wealth of berry and mushroom varieties, make Estonia a popular destination for foraging enthusiasts, and tour guides can help you pick your favourite fungi safely. Adventurers will enjoy exploring submerged buildings on a diving trip to Lake Rummu, racing around the Porsche Ring, or taking an off-road safari at the Aidu Quarry. If you're a fan of history and culture why not investigate the Casemates at the Bastion Victoria in Narva, or the Open-Air Museum near Tallinn? For a sensory treat, time your visit to coincide with one of Estonia's vibrant music or film events.

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