Ethiopia – An Explorer's Paradise

Ethiopia is waiting for you to explore and experience spectacular vistas. From the 150m deep gorge carved by the Awash River, and volcanic wastelands of the Danakil Depression, to the Blue Nile Falls and Bale Mountains – Ethiopia is an explorer's paradise and a landscape photographer's dream. You will also appreciate Ethiopia for its wildlife: The Awash National Park alone is home to 80 species of mammals and 450 of birds, and there are eight more national parks. Unique species include the Ethiopian Wolf, Black Lion and Yellow-Fronted Parrot. For history and culture, take a trip to Axum, the former centre of an important empire. Axum is said to be the site of the Queen of Sheba’s court and the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant; while Harar is an ancient stronghold of Islam. If you are a fan of architecture, the churches hewn from rock in Lalibela and in Gheralta will fascinate you. You will also love Gondar. It is dominated by a stupendous 17th-century castle combining Portuguese, Indian and local styles.

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