Georgia – Ancient Pearl of the Caucasus Mountains

Experience Georgia, a historic country at the border of Europe and Asia, where the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains tumble to the crystal-clear waters of the Black Sea coast. From the old-world charm of the capital Tblisi, to the peaceful beaches of the Black Sea, Georgia's diverse geography means each region offers a truly unique set of experiences. The capital of Tblisi showcases Georgia's rich cultural heritage with its impressive collection of churches and museums. Stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town, overlooked by the imposing Narikala Fortress, and enjoy the vibrant local nightlife in one of the city's many bars and restaurants. Visitors will find some of Georgia's best hiking on offer in Stepantsminda, an idyllic mountain town with breathtaking views of nearby Mt Kazbek. Or, for those looking to unwind, look no further than the coast, where you can soak up the sun in the thriving resorts of Batumi and Shekvetili.

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A Guide to Georgia: What to Do and Where to Stay

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Destination Guides

  • Experience Black Sea coastal beauty and city bustle in Batumi
  • Enjoy the diverse charm and tradition of Tbilisi

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