Guinea - An Undiscovered Country

Guinea is a largely undiscovered gem for tourism with majestic mountains, wonderful waterfalls, verdant valleys and beautiful beaches. Check out the attractions with evocative names like the mountain of the Smoking Dog and the Bridal Veil waterfalls, which spread out spectacularly when at full flow. If you love nature, this is the place to be. Discover extremely rare West African manatees and other animals at the National Park of Upper Niger. You may also appreciate the Fouta Djallon, with its lush jungle-dressed valleys punctuated by jutting sandstone protrusions, and Alcatraz Island with one of the largest seabird colonies in West Africa. If you just want to chill at the beach, try out the gorgeous Cape Verga, or the sloping golden beaches of the Iles de Los. Alternatively, visit Guinea's capital, Conakry, where you will find a couple of the largest mosques in Africa, a modern cathedral built in 1927, a patchwork of markets, and a national museum showcasing the nation’s cultural heritage.

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