Krakow – Medieval centre with a modern spirit

Once the royal capital of Poland, Krakow is now its cultural heart. Art, music, film and literary events fill the calendar in Krakow's open-air celebrations and glittering theatres. Its diverse architecture gives a glimpse of Krakow's storied history, from the Gothic towers of St. Mary's Basilica to the Renaissance splendour of the Cloth Hall. Art nouveau cafés rub shoulders with renovated industrial warehouse spaces in this lively university city. The medieval Old Town is one of central Europe's best-preserved, escaping destruction during WWII. Here, colourful gabled houses give way to music concerts, poetry readings and karaoke nights behind their heavy wooden doors. The Royal Castle sits above it all from its vantage point on Wawel Hill overlooking Krakow. It hosts multiple exhibition spaces within its fortressed walls alongside a 14th century cathedral – the site for many Royal Coronations.

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