Romania – Historic Beauty in Eastern Europe

Explore beautiful Romania, where charming medieval towns meet with thriving modern beach resorts. Romania sits to the north of the River Danube and is known for its diverse landscapes and unique experiences. Visitors can explore the towering Carpathian Mountains that surround the richly forested valleys of Transylvania or experience lively nightlife and excellent beaches along the coast. Romania's charming countryside maintains an air of tradition and many villages seem unchanged for centuries. Why not visit one of the medieval castles that dot the countryside, including the famous Bran Castle, long been associated with the legend of Dracula. The capital city of Bucharest is a lively cosmopolitan hub that maintains its historic air. Bucharest is awash with beautiful architecture, and you cannot help but stare upwards as you stroll the cobbled streets of the old town. Enjoy a delicious taste of traditional Romanian fare at one of the many restaurants, or simply wander the historic streets.

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A Guide to Romania: What to Do and Where to Stay

Destination Guides

  • Bucharest – Romania's Dynamic Modern Capital

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