Al Khobar – A sparkling city in Saudi Arabia

Visit Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Gulf and you just have to explore Al Khobar, its bustling heart. It flips the script on traditional city status, flaunting everything from a glittering skyline to a sandy coastline. Its big waterfront promenade, the Khobar Corniche, is your go-to for strolls – you can see the ornate Water Tower, overlooking the shore from its own man-made island. If you want to take a dip – you'll definitely be tempted – then Half Moon Beach is the place to be. Its shallow, calm waters have a high salt content, making for effortless floating. Other top attractions include the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech), with an aquarium, interactive displays and an IMAX theatre. Plus, don't miss the Aramco Exhibit – a museum which delves into the country's fascinating oil industry.

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