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Described as the ‘birthplace of Islam', the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fascinating, as it is rich in spiritual mystique and cultural charm. The old coral city of Jeddah reveals a splendid history through the twists and turns of its narrow alleyways, while the ancient district of Diriyah tells the story of this former capital's resilience. For an insight into the history of Islam, visit the ancient mosques in Al-Jouf and Guatha. Hegra or Mada'in Saleh, the rock-hewn World Heritage archeological site built by the Nabataeans, will amaze you. It's the country's counterpart to Jordan's Petra. For the more active, the 2000 Km Red Sea coast on the Arabian Peninsula offers world-class diving and the chance to explore unspoiled underwater treasure troves. Riyadh, the capital, will fulfil your wish as a modern tourist, and of course, the sacred city of Mecca, accessible by one of seven historical pilgrimage routes, is the ultimate destination if you're a spiritual traveller.
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