Let your curiosity guide you through the Basque Country

Nestled in the north, this luscious green landscape of rugged mountains and rocky caves offers visitors a different side of Spain, complete with its own distinct language. Beyond the popular riverside city of Bilbao, the cosmopolitan Vitoria and the beachfront of San Sebastián, the rest of this diverse region awaits exploration, packed with tradition, celebrated local cuisine and lots of rich history. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, try your hand at the region's favourite sport, pelota, or even become a shepherd for day, making your very own cheese. There is much to experience and even more to learn. The area’s vibrant cities offer the contrast of Old Towns against jaw-dropping modern architecture, while its nine regional parks, including the Basque Coast Geopark, provide the perfect escape for those wishing to reconnect with nature. Whether you experience it on land or by sea, the Basque Country really has it all.

Top Attractions in Basque Country

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