Uzbekistan: A Showcase of Unspoilt Scenery and Marvellous Architecture

Situated in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is brimming with diverse natural beauty and superbly preserved historical sites. Within the city of Bukhara you discover the awe-inspiring Ark Fortress. Occupied since the 5th century, its royal quarters house a fascinating assortment of museums. Observe Uzbekistan’s natural beauty in the Nuratau Mountains. Stretching as far as the Kyzylkum desert, the region is renowned for its healing spring waters and mild climate. Its name translates as ‘red sand’ due to the distinctive warm-toned hue. Exploring the wonders of the desert will lead you to Aydar Lake: one of the planet’s biggest artificial lakes, along with the ancient city of Nurota, overlooked by Alexander’s Fort. Close to the Turkmenistan border, Savitsky Museum contains a remarkable collection of Soviet art and archaeological displays. A mere hour from the capital of Tashkent is the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, with alpine meadows and glaciers that provide a breathtaking home for bears and snow leopards.

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