St. Petersburg – Gorgeous architecture and amazing museums

Museum fans will love exploring St. Petersburg's 250 museums, covering fields including literature, art, music and science. Kids can enjoy puppet shows, circuses and model cities, as well as amusement parks on the city outskirts. If you are a night owl, June's White Nights festival is for you. With nights not reaching full darkness, night-time shows abound and many attractions open late. This includes the awesome St. Isaac's Cathedral, so climb the colonnade's 300 steps for a magnificent night view of Petersburg's architecture. Stay up to watch the early-morning raising of the city's drawbridges, but make sure you are on the right side of the bridges for your subsequent plans, as it will be a while before they close again. For upmarket shopping, check out the electric atmosphere of Nevsky Prospekt. For the sweet-toothed, why not try the pirozhki (stuffed buns), tula (gingerbread) or ponchiki (doughnut bites) from local cafés or bakeries?

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